Sensoria Wheelchair Wellness Coach and Cushion

Our handmade Sensoria® Mat is designed for added comfort. Textile pressure sensor infused insert tracks and monitors the quantity and quality of your pressure relief activities.

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Monitor your pressure relief activities.

Textile pressure sensor infused cushion insert, and app help you all day and every day.

How can I reduce the risk of ulceration?

The best way to prevent ulcers is to regularly change positions and perform pressure relief activities.

Your Personal Wellness Coach

Follows you and helps you every day!

Automatic Calibration

Do this just once and you are all set!

A Full System

FREE App for iOS and Android available now

Our Smart Wheelchair Cushion and Sensorized Insert Can Help.

The Sensoria® Mat is for wheelchair users who:

  • Have partial to full sensation

  • Can perform independent weight shifts

  • Need basic posture support and comfort

  • Have basic positioning needs to assist in the prevention of skin breakdown

  • Need a smart, easy to use, textile pressure sensor infused non-adjustable seating

  • Have an Android or iOS smartphone

Wheelchair Wellness Coach and Cushion

Wheelchair seat cushions are designed for comfort, pressure management, posture improvement, and increased stability. However, how do you know if they are actually reducing your risk of ulceration?

Our cushion is made with memory foam for comfort and gel on top layer to reduce heat and a breathable washable cover.

Our handmade Sensoria® Mat with textile pressure sensor infused insert tracks and monitors daily pressure relief activities.

Manufacturing Quality

Unique Custom Design Focused on Safety and Comfort

Memory Foam with top gel layer

Breathable and washable cover

Works with your own cushion as well. Now Available!

Don’t wait. Start today. Your body will thank you.
We delivered both:

A textile pressure sensor infused insert that can be placed under your existing cushion or include our premium memory foam wheelchair cushion for added comfort.

The choice is yours.


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